designed by Kristian Vedel (DK) in 1959 in Denmark
manufactured now by Architectmade (DK) in Denmark
Handmade in oak – natural or smoked

These accessories are newly made. Not vintage, like all other items on our website.
But they are newly made under license and according to the original designs.
All items are marked.

Now a legend, BIRD is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction.
Created as a family, BIRD can express happiness, sadness and curiosity, living alone or together as a family. From small to tall, thin to chubby, child to grandparent, BIRDs represents an entire generation.
A truly timeless classic!

dimensions and prices:
BIRD small: height: 7,5 cm – price: 45 euro
BIRD large: height: 12 cm – price: 59 euro
BIRD chubby: height: 10,5 cm – price: 69 euro

Please specify if you want the wood to be natural oak or smoked oak (darker). Same price.
All birds consist of 2 parts: the body and the head. Both parts can be used upside down and in all directions.

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