wall system
designed by Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen
manufactured by HG
Denmark, 1960s

2 cabinets, 1 desk, 8 shelves
beautiful colour play and drawings in the wood

in rosewood
brass connectors
black wall mount bars
all in good condition

total height: 192 cm
height of 2 cabinets: 49,5 cm
total width: 259,5 cm
width of 2 cabinets and 6 shelves: 89 cm
width of desk and 2 shelves: 75 cm
depth of 2 cabinets and desk: 40 cm
depth of 2 shelves (of 89 cm wide): 30 cm
depth of all other shelves: 22 cm

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FR: système mural en palissandre par Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen pour HG – VENDU

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